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Products Support Systems Slotted Zed Sections & Special Support Systems
Slotted Zed Sections
1. Versatile for Mounting, Suspension and Resting of Cable Management Equipment
Applications of Slotted Zed Sections
1. Mounting Cable Management Equipment
2. Rising Cable Trays on the Wall
Sr.No. Product Name Section(mm) Standard Length(mm)
1 Slotted Zed Section 35x30x35x1.6 2500
2 Slotted Zed Section 35x30x35x2.0 2500
3 Slotted Zed Section 50x40x50x2.5 2500
Note: Section 35 x 30 x 35 x 1.6mm is available only in Pregalvanised finish.
Special Support Systems
1. Beam Bracket
1. Clamps onto I-Beam/ Channel/ Angle & provides scope for suspension/ supporting load.
2. Can be popularly used to suspend light loads form I Beam.
2. Bottle Bracket
1. Profab Innovation..
2. Eliminates need for Second Threaded Rod Suspension thus economical.
Sr.No. Part Code Product Name Width (mm)
1 TRB50 Threaded Rod Bottle Bracket 50mm
2 TRB75 Threaded Rod Bottle Bracket 75
3 TRB100 Threaded Rod Bottle Bracket 100
4 TRB150 Threaded Rod Bottle Bracket 150
3. Purlin Bracket
1. Profab Innovation.
2. Eliminates need for Welding Supports on Z Purlin.
Sr.No. Part Code Product Name Width of Purlin(mm)
1 PB45 Purlin Bracket 45
2 PB60 Purlin Bracket 60
3 PB65 Purlin Bracket 65
4 PB75 Purlin Bracket 75