Ceiling Trunking

  • Available with joggled design with cover straps or side screws
  • Cutouts for switches, outlet boxes & industrial sockets possible
  • Partitions can be provided for width above 75mm width at min 50mm intervals
  • Cutouts on partition can be provided
  • Knockouts of 20mm dia can be provided on 50mm height raceways
  • Knockouts can also be provided on base or cover
  • Available Finishes - Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG), Pre Galvanized, Aluminum, SS304, 55316, Powder Coated (PC)
  • 75mm*& 100mm* heig ht availablefor 100mm width and above
(Width) in mm Height 40mm, 50mm, 75mm* & 100mm*
Base/Cover > 1.2/1.2 1.6/1.2 1.6/1.6 2.0/1.6 2.0/2.0 3.0/1.6
50 x
75 x
100 x
150 x
200 x
400 x
450 x
600 x
Joggled Trunking With Cover Strap
Joggled Trunking With Side Screw
Trunking With Socket Arrangement