Group Overview


Profab Engineers Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Aug 1984. The Promoters Mr. VUTHA GOPAL & Mr. VUTHA MOHAN considered it necessary to have hands on the job experience in installing Cable Trays and Supports to be able to design and manufacture better products later.

Installation carried out in first few years:

  1. Pise Panjrapur water management station-outskirts of Mumbai for Crompton / Mumbai Municipality - 100 tonnes
  2. Leela Kempenski Hotel - Account Antelec Ltd - 35 tonnes
  3. Tata Unit 6 Turbine Generator & Carnac receiving station - Account Antelec Ltd - 30 tonnes

Based on experience, manufacturing commenced with a tilt towards prefabricated, pretested easy to transport, receive, stock and assemble at site products. This philosophy is being continued.

Immediate Manufacturing Orders Were From:

a. Spic Group - 50 tonnes

b. Vizag Steel Plant- 400 tonnes

c. Rajashree Cement - Birla Group - 150 tonnes

Cable Clamping and Routing products were introduced with good success.

In Profab quality parameters have always been achieved with better design of products and tooling.

After 5 years, manufacturing of Wire Trunking was introduced which was later expanded to incorporate all the popularly used types like Surface / Floor Trunking, Junction Boxes, Access Boxes with proper clamping and support arrangement. Profab enjoys premier status nationally in this category of business.

With the acceptance nationwide of most the discerning users and consultants, export business was introduced with immediate orders to:

Thailand, Srilanka, Bangladesh - All on account Siemens Ltd.

These were followed by exports to:

Russia (account Voltas International), Kenya, Bahrain, Vietnam

Later export destinations have developed to Mauritius (GE Electric/Sterling & Wilson), Australia, Afganisthan, and West Indies, (last two again to account Sterling & Wilson).

Today the comprehensive range of products available from Profab is unmatched in the country.

Consultants confidently specify Profab because of quality, timely delivery and service, which include advice on site-specific problems.