Punched Angle Support System

  • The most popular international modular support system
  • Light/ medium / heavy duty selections available
  • Economical and robust system. Suitable for ceiling /wall or floor applications.
  • Offered in equal flange of 30,35, 40,50 and 65mm.
  • Standard length 3 mtr. For volume jobs 6 mtr. also handled.
  • Offered with fitments like angle holder, coupler,wall support angle/ bracket which make site installation speedy and a pleasure
  • Of particular advantage when billing is on weight basis
  • Field tested in hundreds of locations all over India over decades.
  • Computerized testing for Seismic loads can be done if contract provides for.
  • Finishes offered Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG), Powder Caoted (PC), primer painted or self-finish
Punched Angle 35 x 5.0
Punched Angle 40 x 5.0
Punched Angle 50 x 5.0
Punched Angle 50 x 6.0
Punched Angle 65 x 6.0
Welded Plate 50 x 6 / 65 x 6
Angle Holder Formed Plate 35 x 5
Angle Holder Folded Plate
Framing Angle
Wall Support Spacer
Formed Angle Holder Application
Folded Angle Holder Application